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The Dog Academy...not just day care

A new way of playing and learning, with both indoor and outdoor space. Your pup can enjoy their day basking in the sun instead of staring at four walls! Playtime with the pack keeps your pup's mind stimulated and healthy.

Do not stress about waking up early to drop your pup off to daycare before work, or rush back home from the office to make it in time for pick-up. We take care of that for you!

Pick-up and drop-off is complimentary for all pups within our service area.

Currently on a waitlist for new pups. 

Please apply below for an admissions interview 

How the Academy can help your dog...

SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE SOCIALIZE, we all need new friends - and your dog is no exception. Dogs are pack animals and therefore strive in pack settings. At the Dog Academy, your pup will have structure, routine, and his/her own pack family which is the foundation to a well balanced dog.

Puppies can certainly benefit the most from being in a pack setting. The older members teach the young how to play and what is acceptable within the pack. Shy/insecure pups come out of their shell and build-up their confidence with the structure the pack provides.

Dogs are social animals, and like their wolf ancestor they have a well defined hierarchy. Each member of the pack has a role in this social order. A pack without a leader and these parameters are confused, unstable, and in constant conflict. At the Dog Academy, we base our entire daycare on this concept. Let your pup channel their inner wolf and be apart of his/her own little pack.  

Tuition & Academy hours

Tuition includes pick-up and drop-off 

(within our service area: West Side Jersey City, Downtown, Jersey City, Bergen-Lafayette Jersey City)

4hours with complimentary pet taxi - $35

(Available M-F 10am - 2pm )

SIBLINGS - + $15


Pup's can be dropped off and picked-up by pawrents within our hours at an hourly rate of $15/hr

Pet Taxi - $15 for first 10 miles (each way)

$2.25 for every additional mile

(Dog Academy packages available)

Register your pup and discover what type of pack member they can become. Schedule your pup's admissions interview to join in on the fun!



There is limited space at the Dog Academy. We are currently not accepting new members. Join our waitlist, reserve your pups spot today:

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